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These products ROCK!

by Billy Bullard on 12/27/11

Great quality & taste!

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1. John said on 12/27/11 - 11:56AM
The Sweet and Spicy sauce is excellent. Put some on pork chops near the end of the cooking time & the sauce really added a lot of flavor. Can't wait for you to come out with more sauces. Any thoughts of coming out with some SC Mustard Sauce?
2. Lance said on 12/28/11 - 10:14AM
Growing up in Eastern North Carolina I like a little heat and vinegar in my sauces. This sauce is excellent on all types of bbq, starts off sweet with a lot of flavor and finishes with just enough bite. I am real big on bbq and have tried alot of sauces such as the Bone Suckin' sauce and this sauce beats it hands down. The rub is excellent on all types of meat but I especially like it on my steaks. I couldn't eat a steak without having some A1 sauce to go with it, but when I put the rub on a steak I was done eating it before A1 even crossed my mind. This stuff is that good. Found out for yourself today!
3. Paul said on 12/29/11 - 07:27AM
Billy Bub, Thanks for bringing these superb products to the market. The Sweet & Spicy sauce has been excellent on both pork and chicken and is now an essential condiment for grilling. I can’t get enough of the one of a kind taste.
4. Guisepee said on 12/30/11 - 08:55AM
I put that s@#t on everything!
5. Jolie M said on 12/31/11 - 02:50PM
Not just for meat! Great on popcorn and peanuts too...YUM!!
6. Justin M. said on 1/4/12 - 10:32AM
The dry rub is the best rub I have ever used on a steak. Marinate the steak for 30 minutes prior to grilling and then enjoy the best steak of your life.
7. Wendy Perry said on 3/19/12 - 05:28PM
Hey there, I am an avid supporter of NC goodies and always buy whenever I can. I picked up some of your sauce today at The Pig in Zebulon. I love that they have that big NC section. I added in some fresh grated ginger, a little garlic oil, some minced garlic and pineapple juice. I poured some over the shrimp to marinate a little while and kept some aside for dipping… I skewered my shrimp and grilled, basting while they were cooking… sure is good! A little thicker with some horseradish and it would be some kick ass cocktail sauce! Wendy Perry, Personal Chef Recipe Developer & Food Stylist
8. C Murdah said on 4/28/12 - 06:35PM
This stuff seriously ain't no joke.. I came back to North Carolina to visit some friends and family, and we had the best grill out ever.. I was like how in the hell did ya'll do this and they sent me to this website.. I'm pissed though, I can't find it in any stores around Nashville, TN.. When is this stuff gonna be around me!! Thanks Billy Bub for spoilin me!!
9. Linda Ives said on 5/20/12 - 08:20AM
I had never used a rub before. I tried this rub for the first time on chicken & now am hooked. I have since used it on meats, fish & veggies. It is incredible. I LOVE IT!
10. Bo Bridgers said on 12/31/12 - 09:44PM
I just used Billy Bubs dry rub on my new year eves steak and it was the beat steak I have ever cooked! My friends were impressed! Thanks Billy Bob's!!!!
11. dena pickle said on 6/8/14 - 12:32PM
Tried the rub at home in Garner, NC and absolutely loved it! Now I want to sell it in my shop in Angier, NC for everyone to love!!!
12. Clint said on 1/15/15 - 02:22PM
Goooood gosh the spicy honey mustard is unreal... I'm bout to chug it

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