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​If you’re looking for high quality BBQ sauces like our sweet and spicy BBQ sauce and dry rub for beef ribs or pork ribs, you’ve come to the right place. At Billy Bub's we use the finest ingredients to make our products. They are professionally bottled to insure quality & shelf life.

Billy Bub's Texas and Cajun Dry Rubs are Gluten-Free, Preservative free & fat free.  The Texas Dry Rub is SUGAR FREE and the Cajun Dry Rub is LOW CARBS.  Give them a try, we are sure you will like them!!

Our BBQ Sauces were made for grilling. Look at the Cooking Tips section of this website for helpful hints.  Billy Bub's looks forward to serving you! So, FIRE UP THE GRILL & LET's GET COOKING!!! 

Shipping Info:

1.) We use USPS flat rate boxes for all shipping. Only four items will fit per box.  If your order will be different from what is offered on the Products page, contact us at:

2.) If you live local to Raleigh, N.C. and wish to pick up your package yourself, contact us at & we will give you directions.  We can accept credit cards via PayPal mobile app by swiping your card.

Our products are not on the same shelf as major brands such as Hunts or Kraft. They are in the N.C. BBQ Sauce section. This is typically a separate shelf space or a rack that contains only products created & produced in North Carolina. If you can't find it, just ask the store manager & they will help you locate it.
Call us today for more information about our eastern North Carolina BBQ sauce.

Billy Bub's Spicy Honey Mustard & Cajun Dry Rub are available only on this website & direct Sales.  They are not being distributed to the stores listed below at this date & time.

Which North Carolina stores can you find our products in? (11/06/2021)

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